6 June Jun 2014 1205 4 years ago

Uncovering the past: learning pathways through the archive documents

A new teaching path through the treasures of Veneranda Fabbrica for the 2014/2015 school year

In September an educational section for secondary school students will be opened.

Discovering the Veneranda Fabbrica Archives is like delving into the history of the city of Milan, and learning to read the ancient documents means getting a close-up view of people and events of the past.
Every document tells a story: it talks about an event, a person or a historical period. It may be made of parchment or paper; it may be a papal bull, a code, a register, a will, a musical score or a photograph. Every document is a trace of the past waiting to be rediscovered and interpreted.

Guided by an archivist specialising in education, it will be possible to choose between five routes, five multidisciplinary themes which can also be developed at school. The routes proposed can be personalised with the teachers. At the end of the laboratory the students will receive a document facsimile which can be used in class by the teachers.

The workshop will last 2 hours. The cost for each class is 100 euro.

To take part in the learning pathways at the Veneranda Fabbrica Archives:
tel. 02.72022656