9 June Jun 2014 1144 4 years ago

San Carlo returns to the Fabbrica

A precious document signed by the saint who was the Archbishop of Milan enters the Archives

The history of the Duomo is the history of Milan. This great story of the Milanese people finds its highest representation in the treasure chest of the Cathedral. The progress of the Duomo is preserved entirely in the Archives of the Veneranda Fabbrica: this is the home of the Milanese identity, its domus, the heritage of the city, comprising the signs of many lives.

The items of the private family archives, concealing long forgotten stories within them that are waiting to be rediscovered, have always been connected with the Duomo, the city of Milan and its surroundings, and continue to be so today. Small but significant traces of events, albeit slight, but part of the “larger historical context”, can be discovered amongst the papers and precious documents.

Franco Capsoni has inherited a 16th century document signed by San Carlo Borromeo, Archbishop of Milan and by Giovanni Battista Oldone, archiepiscopal notary who was part of the Cardinal's secretarial staff and a canon of the Basilica of San Nazaro in Brolo.

Capsoni has generously expressed the wish that this precious document should become part of the Archives of the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo: it will provide another detail that will add a valuable contribution to the history that links the Cathedral to all that its presence has meant for the territory of Milan.

The document is a letter addressed to the provost of Mezzana in the Pieve di Somma and contains numerous recommendations referring to the provincial councils of the time.

By studying it, it will be once again possible to give voice to the city at the time of San Carlo, Minister of the Ambrosian Church from 1566 to 1584.

We can only imagine the path that this document has travelled. Written in the 16th century, signed by the Saint and Archbishop who left an indelible mark on his “home” and in the diocese of Milan, it was preserved for centuries in a private archive, and now is preparing to enrich the documentary heritage of the Veneranda Fabbrica.

A path that bears witness to an ancient, yet always new history, open to new contributions from the outside, so that it can continue to write, together with all the citizens of Milan, the gr eat story of the Duomo.