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5 October Oct 2015 1708 3 years ago

How to consult the Archive of the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano

The rules of the good consulter

The valuable documents of the Archive and the book endowment of the Library of the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo are available to consulters, to whom, though, is required to follow some simple but essential rules to grant the correct conservation of the material, in order to preserve the documents and make sure they will be available also in the future.

Rule n.1- The first step consists in filling in the form to request the consultation, in which the user has to specify the object and the aim of his request, and the shelf marks of the Archive materials and/or books of the Library he is interested in, in addition to his personal details. The personnel will deliver a single Archive unit at a time. In case the user needs to temporarily leave the room, he has to inform the Archive personnel.

Rule n.2 – Among the other rules of the “good consulter”, it can certainly be included to pay attention at the order and wholeness of the documental material available: it is strictly forbidden to upset it, as it is forbidden to underline or write anything on the documents, or damage or remove containers, seals, ribbons and bindings. In case the user would find incongruities or alterations, he has to inform the Archive personnel.

Rule n.3 – During consultation, it is also forbidden to use pens, felt-tip pens, colouring materials, food, drinks, staplers, chewing-gums or any other object or substance that could damage the documents. Users can work at the tables using pencils, paper and laptops.