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29 May May 2018 1006 6 months ago

A cart from the Duomo in Monza

Carts, wood, and capstans: the unusual loans by the Fabbrica among the Archives' documents

The centuries of restoration experience which characterise the Veneranda Fabbrica have, over the years, made it the object of various kinds of requests from other vestry boards. The enormity of the Duomo's construction project made virtue of necessity by way of the fact that, within this never-ending restoration, techniques were developed and useful tools were created which also satisfied the needs, though less continuous, of other architectural endeavours.

Such is the case for the Church of San Gerardo in Monza, for which the priest, Don Paolo Galbiati, together with members of the Monza vestry board (Francesco Caimi, Luigi Ferraris, and Giovanni Pietro Frigerio), turned to the Veneranda Fabbrica in 1862 to ask for the loan of a cart capable of transporting the large Corinthian capitals which would adorn the pronaos that was added to the church itself during that very period.

Two years earlier, in 1860, the Fabbrica received two similar requests: the first from the foreman of the Monumental Cemetery, where they were in need of a capstan capable of lifting a heavy load, and the second from the organisational committee for the commemoration of the Five Days of Milan, held in the Piazza of the Sforza Castle. For the occasion a large piece of wood was requested, so as to be able to create an obelisk for the festival.

These and much more can be found among the Archives' documents, all of which are a testament to the presence of the Veneranda Fabbrica in the life of Milan for more than six centuries, not only in the Fabbrica's restorations, but in the very fabric of the city and of the region.