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12 September Sep 2018 1100 4 months ago

Summer: the time for donations

A delightful season and funds for the Duomo from a page of the Annals of 1441.

The entire city participated in the reconstruction of the Cathedral. In fact, coordinated by the Veneranda Fabbrica, at each door of the city the inhabitants organised fund collection days with highly impressive scenic effects. We discover this by reading the Annals of the Fabbrica del Duomo, which tell us how summer was the best time of the year for such initiatives. News of the year 1441 reports that the inhabitants of Porta Nuova, who had been requested to organise a fund collection day in winter, refused to do it. Indeed, the days are short in winter; besides it is cold, rainy and it also snows, thus impairing the initiative because it is impossible to collect the amount of money that would be gathered in summer. Wanting to collect a large offering for the Duomo, they requested a day to be assigned in the warmer months  when they could install festive decorations on the streets.

This brief piece of news, like many others collected in the Annals, outlines an image of a city that was determined to support the construction of the Cathedral with a joint effort that has made, and still makes the Duomo the symbol of the city. Today, as at the time, Veneranda Fabbrica invites the city and the whole world to support this great enterprise through the fundraising campaign Get your Spire.