Reg 1638 E Foto Pompeo Pozzi
20 September Sep 2018 1505 2 months ago

Pompeo Pozzi works for Veneranda Fabbrica

The Archive provides new evidence of relations between the Milanese photographer and the Duomo’s construction site

The advent of photography in Milan was viewed with a deep sense of curiosity and enthusiasm.

After news of Daguerre’s revolutionary invention was published in the “Gazzetta Privilegiata” of Milan in January 1839, every magazine of the city sponsored potential multiple uses of the new technique, especially in the framework of figurative arts.

Hence, we witness the development of certain prevalent types of photographs centred on urban views, on works of art and architecture and, finally, on portraits.

Very soon Veneranda Fabbrica too became aware of this new reproduction medium’s potential. This is reported in the Annals, which precisely record a payment made out to the photographer Pompeo Pozzi in 1865.

Pozzi was an important Milanese publisher and photographer who worked for the Duomo’s construction yard, taking pictures of several works related to the Cathedral from the latter half of the 1800s. To complete the sculptural decoration of the Duomo, the photographer produced the small albums presented here, portraying some of the statues that were later installed mostly on the southern side of the Cathedral. Precious evidence of his work is also provided by the precisely recorded accounts in the logbooks of Veneranda Fabbrica’s Archive.