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23 October Oct 2018 1541 2 months ago

Archbishop Montini to visit the Cave di Candoglia

Some archived testimonies of Pope Paul VI’s great affection for his Duomo

Four years from the beatification, on 14 October 2018 in Piazza S. Pietro, the celebration of Pope Paul VI’s canonization took place, in the century of Giovanni Battista Montini, Archbishop and Cardinal of the Diocesi Milanese from 1955 to 1963.

During the eight years in charge of the Chiesa Ambrosiana, Archbishop Montini demonstrated a great interest in the protection, conservation and enhancement carried out by Veneranda Fabbrica, made clear within the material presented by us today.
This step, prior to the 1950’s, reveals a future pontiff  in one of the many visits to the Cave di Candoglia, the place that represents the heart of all activities of Fabbrica del Duomo. Archbishop Montini came here on several occasions, visiting Cava Madre, Cava di Cornovo and la Scuola di Avviamento Professionale.
As described in a detailed memorandum, on 4 September 1958 the Archbishop G. B. Montini was invited to Candoglia to bless the little statue of Mary placed in the Cava Madre, a symbolic and indelible connection between the city of Milan and its Duomo.

To this day, by the Cave, one can find a tablet put up in 1968 by Fabbrica and blessed by Cardinal Colombo in memory of Pope Paul VI’s visit to these locations when he was Archbishop of Milan.