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Famous signatures in the papers of the Duomo: Roberto Bellarmino

The Document of the Month of July 2018

The most famous document preserved at the Archive of Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo is the decree with which, in 1610, Pope Paul V proclaimed St. Charles Borromeo a Saint, only 26 years after his death. The document was drawn up by the Apostolic Chancellery in the elegant handwriting of the chancellery, with the initial part decorated with full page floral motifs. The decree closes with the signature of the Pope and of many cardinals, including famous Roberto Bellarmino, one of the most renowned protagonists of ecclesiastical life between the late 1500s and the early decades of the next century. Many remember this Jesuit, theologian and consultant of the Holy Office for his role in the famous legal proceedings against Giordano Bruno, Galileo Galilei and Tommaso Campanella.

Instead, on this occasion he is the witness of an essential act for the history of the Church: the bishop who more than any other represented the Tridentine Reform, who had untiringly travelled all the paths of the Ambrosian Diocese and had supported his people during the challenging period of the plague was finally proclaimed saint.