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Music Section

In addition to its tireless efforts to give the city of Milan a new, marvellous cathedral, the Veneranda Fabbrica of the Duomo has always demonstrated a special interest in matching the beauty of the architecture and ornament with adequately corresponding liturgical accompaniment. In fact, in 1402 the Fabbrica established the Cappella Musicale (choir).

The music section, the last reorganisation of which was completed by Claudio Sartori in the 1950s, is made up of three collections: the Libroni Musicali (great musical books), including the famous Gaffuriani Codex (1490, one of which was seriously damaged in the fire of 1906); the Musica dei Maestri di Cappella (Music of the Choir Masters), mostly handwritten musical scores signed by various choir masters; and Musica di Autori Diversi (Music by Different Composers), musical production by other composers acquired for performance by the choir.  Other collections from bequests complete the music section.