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The Clerical Orders

The Ordinazioni Capitolari (Clerical Orders) are the meeting minutes of the Veneranda Fabbrica’s Capitolo (the clerical authority), today called the Board of Directors, a body that, from the beginning, was charged with managing the Fabbrica. These minutes, which list all the important decisions made by the Capitolo related to the construction of the cathedral over the centuries, is a fundamental resource to help us reconstruct the history of the Fabbrica and the monument.

The series includes 165 registers that span from the first years of the cathedral’s construction to the present day. The first volume of Ordinazioni, unfortunately, was damaged by the fire in the pavilion of the Veneranda Fabbrica during the 1906 International Exposition in Milan, an occasion for which the Fabbrica had exhibited some of its most precious documents for the world to see. What remains of that volume, together with few others that were recovered, was restored by the then prefect of the Ambrosian Library and future Pope Pius XI, Mons. Achille Ratti. Today they are conserved in the homonymous Cassette Ratti.  

The burned fragments, in some way fairly legible, can be consulted in a digital format, along with the first 70 volumes of the Ordinazioni Capitolari.